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How many foster children can I have?

You can have up to 6 children including your own to be determined on availability of the space.

FIH ISFC program will allow for no more than two children/youth/NMDs in foster care, one or both of whom may be an ISFC eligible child placed in an ISFC resource family home.  To accommodate sibling group placement when at least one sibling (but not more than two) is identified as an ISFC child/youth/NMD, there can be no more than a total of five foster children in an ISFC resource family home.  Prior to placement of a second ISFC child/youth/NMD, or any subsequent child/youth/NMD or sibling placement, FIH ISFC program will provide each county placing agency with a written assessment of the risk and compatibility of placing subsequent foster children.  Placement may then be made, if approved, by the county placing agencies involved, considering the recommendations of the CFT.

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